I am 36 and a first-time mum to a now 4 year old beautiful little girl. I have suffered with anxiety and panic attacks on and off for as long as I can remember, most recently a few months after my baby was born, culminating in horrendous intrusive thoughts.

However I am now happier, healthier and stronger than ever, and want to share my thoughts and musings with you, hopefully giving some support and reassurance to those who are experiencing the same thing.

I am also blogging about my recovery, finding myself again after having a baby, and my adventures with a little one in and around Brum. I treat my anxiety naturally through diet, exercise and meditation, and am passionate about healthy eating.

I am originally from Wales but have lived in Birmingham for 10 years. I have a fiancé who is from York but we met in Holland. I am keeping anxiety at bay with healthy eating, exercise and the occasional gin.

I am a semi-retired raver and get together with my best mates as often as I can to let my hair down. I am a huge reader and lover of the written word. Music is still my first love though, and I am at my happiest dancing the night away with my best mates!



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