Ibiza – my Balearic love affair continues

Anyone who knows me will know how deep my love for Ibiza goes. I once wrote on an online dating profile that I just “wanted someone I can watch the sunset outside Café del Mar with”. It’s one of those magical places that gets inside your soul and never leaves. I would live there in a heartbeat if I could.

I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve been there over the years, and last year we went as a family for the first time. John and Molly both fell in love with it too, so we booked it again for 2018.

I’ve only ever stayed in or near San Antonio and was eager to see a bit more of the island, so this year we stayed over on the east, just outside Santa Eulalia in a place called Cala Pada. We booked with Tui again as we have been with them for the past few years and honestly can’t fault them. At the moment we wouldn’t go anything other than all inclusive with Molly being so young, because it’s just easier.

The resort was absolutely amazing! The buildings were all whitewashed and looked like proper little Spanish villas, with beautiful flowers and trees in between. There were a few pools to choose from, loads of activities throughout the day/night, a little play area, gym, kids club, and (the highlight for me), a gorgeous private beach with a tapas restaurant which was all part of the hotel.

We spent the first couple of days in the resort (all Molly wants to do on holiday is swim), which suited us as we were able to relax and sunbathe. It’s so much easier going away with a four year old as they can make friends easily and keep themselves occupied with minimal effort on our part!

We then decided to hire a car for a few days as there were a couple of places I wanted to see. I had been following a place called Amante on Instagram for a while and was desperate to visit as the pictures looked amazing, and it turned out it was only twenty minutes from where we were staying. My goodness, it did not disappoint!

It’s basically a beach restaurant/bar set into some cliffs overlooking the sea, and it’s honestly one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. In true Ibizan style they play the chilled out, sunset vibe tunes while you lay back with a cocktail and enjoy the view. Pure heaven.

The next evening we headed over to the other side of the island to my beloved Café del Mar (my happy place as I like to call it) to watch that world famous sunset (I couldn’t go to Ibiza without visiting at least once). We were worried that it would take a while to get there, but it turns out it was about forty minutes. John drove as I was a bit anxious driving on the right side of the road, and the views as we headed over there were just breathtaking.

On Wednesdays the biggest Hippy Market on the island takes place in Es Canar, which happened to be five minutes from our hotel. John had Molly for a few hours (as he was watching the England match that night), so off I went on the bus on my own. What an experience! There was so much to look at I could have spent all day there, but it was absolutely boiling. My advice if you’re thinking of going is get there early. I personally wouldn’t bring kids (although there is a small kids area) because of the heat and the amount of people there.

I bought a few little bits for the house – a wooden sign to hang by the front door (which makes me smile every time I come home), some lovely glass candle holders, and a gorgeous dress which I wore to dinner that night.

Es Canar itself is a little hidden gem with lovely views overlooking the Med. We were lucky as our hotel was in between there and Santa Eulalia which is the third biggest resort on the island. It’s got a stunning marina with loads of shops – we were in awe looking at some of the yachts moored there.

This year has been my favourite one yet. I loved this side of the island, it’s a lot quieter and more family friendly. Although I don’t think there’s a bad place to stay anywhere there to be honest.

What is it about Ibiza that keeps us coming back for more? For me it’s always been about the music, the atmosphere, the people, and the sunsets. I’m a hippy at heart, so Ibiza is like my spiritual home. And now that I am bringing my daughter it’s still all of those things, but also, I feel safe. I feel so at ease there that I can completely relax, and for someone with such crippling anxiety at times, that means the world to me.

The memories we make when we’re there carry me through the cold winter months, I only have to close my eyes and remember that warm evening eating tapas on the beach. Ibiza is magical, and I can’t wait to return. Until next year my beautiful island…


2 thoughts on “Ibiza – my Balearic love affair continues

  1. I love love LOVE Ibiza!! This Sept will be my second year in a row. 🙂 Many years ago on my first trip I stayed in Es Canar and it’s a wonderful little place. I am yet to go back with the family but I am sure it won’t be too long – perhaps next year or year after!

    Glad to hear you had a fab time out there – Ibiza never fails to disappoint!

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