Happy January

I jokingly replied to someone on Twitter earlier today that I forgot I had a blog, then had a bit of a panic that I hadn’t actually posted anything this year. I’ve got ideas galore, even bought myself a swanky new blog planner – but I have had absolutely no time to do anything about it. Hopefully that will change pretty soon though.

I had so much going on last year, my partner was very unwell, I was running a business while looking after Molly full time, then had to deal with lots of personal family stuff. I guess I lost my mojo a bit, I had nothing to write about nor did I feel the need to. As bad as things got though, I knew that happier times were just around the corner (such is life eh?) – and I was right!

It has definitely been a ‘New Year, New Start’ – I have got so much to look forward to. I posted on Twitter about it and how positive I’m feeling. There was a time not so long ago however that I would have been too scared to celebrate the good times for fear of ‘jinxing it’ and everything going horribly wrong. So in the spirit of telling my OCD/Anxiety to f**k right off, I’m embracing all things positive and focussing on the good stuff that’s happening.

  • First and foremost, John is better. I posted a couple of months back about him suffering with depression, and I honestly thought it was the end for us, but he’s pretty much back to his normal self now. We are happy and content, and life just seems so much brighter (even in dreary old January).
  • Secondly – we have bought our first house! It happened very quickly, I was literally walking the dogs one day and saw a ‘For Sale’ sign. Within a couple of days we had viewed it, fell in love with it and put an offer in! We should hopefully be moving in the next few weeks. No more paying someone else’s mortgage – yay! Finally somewhere to call my own.
  • I have got a new job! I ran my soft play business for nearly two years, and although I loved it, it just wasn’t bringing in enough income. So I found the perfect job online just before Christmas, applied and got it! I can work from home and it fits around Molly, I literally couldn’t ask for more.
  • Molly is in nursery for 30 hours. I cannot tell you how much of a difference this has made. She’s only just started this week full time, but it has meant that she’s not bored every day (or on the IPad), I’m not spending a fortune on days out, and I can actually work and earn some money.
  • I got rid of a few toxic family members. Or rather, they got rid of themselves. A lot happened last year, and I didn’t realise just how much anxiety certain people were causing me. It upset me at the time, but now I have never been happier. If you suffer with anxiety/depression my advice would be to find out what/who your triggers are – then get rid of them without a second thought and don’t feel guilty about it.
  • I’m managing my anxiety/OCD better. I constantly have to challenge my intrusive thoughts, but I’m noticing that I do this automatically now, rather than have to really take a step back before acting. I’m just a lot more chilled out.
  • I got a proper camera for Christmas! I love taking photos, and John bought me a really good professional camera….I can’t wait to start using it properly.
  • All of my family and friends are happy and healthy. That really is all I ask for in life. I am the least materialistic person you could ever meet, I am really not bothered at all about an expensive car, clothes or make-up. I just want everyone I love to be ok.
  • The evenings are getting lighter – spring is on the way!

In the interest of balance, I have the dreaded tax return deadline looming ever nearer, I put on a few pounds over Christmas, and I’ve got raging PMT at the moment along with a coldsore, but who cares? Absolute trivial nonsense in the grand scheme of things, and I shall continue to look on the bright side of things, it’s far nicer.

The ebb and flow of life will continue, and all we can really do is ride it out. You can either do it with a smile on your face or not, either way the time will pass anyway. 2018? I am ready – bring it on!


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