Summer 2017 Round-Up

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything, the main reason being time. Molly finished nursery at the start of July for the summer, and it’s been pretty hectic ever since. There was a heatwave, chickenpox, a festival, gigs, a zoo, my birthday and the main event of Molly’s half sister Aimee coming over from Belgium for a couple of weeks. Oh and the brilliant Birmingham Council refuse workers going on strike for the whole of it, which means there’s been a lovely smell of rotting rubbish in the air!

I thought I’d catch myself up and collate our summer adventures all in one post before starting afresh in September. I always feel like that month is the best time to start new projects (not dreary old January), probably because of the school terms starting. I’ve always been a massive geek, and there’s just something about September that fills me with excitement, inspiration and motivation. I’ve actually been looking at courses, and I might even treat myself to a load of new stationery (I can’t resist it). I’ve also got lots of new ideas for posts coming up, with my aim being to get really stuck into my blog, which has unfortunately fallen by the wayside recently.


It started off badly with Molly getting chickenpox. She actually didn’t suffer at all, not even a temperature and didn’t scratch once. She definitely looked worse than she was!


After a week or so she was well enough to go back to nursery, although I can still see the remnants of a few spots a couple of months on.

The rest of June was non-stop. First up I went to see Micky Flanagan who was just absolutely hilarious, he is definitely my favourite comedian at the moment – I’ve got a major thing for him too, can’t resist a cockney accent!

The weekend after that was Parklife festival in Manchester with my mates which was just incredible! Despite the rain and my anxiety, we danced, laughed and raved all day. We had two nights in the city in a fabulous AirBNB, and it was so good just to spend time with my friends and let my hair down. It was only a few weeks after the horrendous atrocity in Manchester, and although we were all still in shock and a bit worried about going, we had a brilliant time. I love you MCR!

The following weekend was another busy one…we went to see the Stone Roses in Wembley on Saturday, and the day after was Father’s Day and our anniversary. It was the hottest weekend of the year and our car decided to overheat about 2 miles from the stadium. However after waiting for it to cool down (luckily there was a pub nearby), we all got there (and back) in one piece. The gig was incredible and although I was the designated driver I still enjoyed it, the atmosphere was electric!

The warm weather continued which we all loved, especially Molly as we bought her a brand new swimming pool for the garden. John went to Prague for a few days with his mates, so Molly and I had loads of fun at a few local carnivals, and then our favourite – Big Fish Little Fish! Man this kid loves a rave, so proud!



The first couple of weekends were filled with more booze and dancing as I went to an old school rave night with some new friends at the fabulous Hare and Hounds in Kings Heath, and then the weekend after was my birthday! Molly had her first sleepover at her best friend’s house so John took me out to our favourite restaurant. I felt spoilt rotten, and it was our first night out in absoultely ages as a couple. We were inevitably both knackered by 10pm, but we soldiered on.

We then had a lovely day out at Weston-Super-Mare, Molly headed straight for the sea! We spent a full day there, went on the fairground, all the slot machines, and then had fish and chips. A very British summers day.

I had yet another night out for my lovely friend Amy’s birthday, and then it was all about getting ready for Aimee coming over from Belgium.



Having a step-daughter in another country presents many problems, the main one being that we hardly ever see her. Aimee comes over every summer though, and we talk to Molly about her all the time, so she was beyond excited to see her (and vice versa). As soon as they saw eachother it was like they’d never been apart. It’s a lot easier now as Molly is older so they can actually ‘play’ together (although Aimee is nearly a teenager now so not sure how long that will last!). Aimee also started teaching Molly how to speak Dutch (Flemish) and she picked it up straight away.


The first week was spent in and around Birmingham. We did Drayton Manor Theme Park, swimming, shopping and Bristol Zoo. We mainly ate out every night (Aimee had fish and chips each time as they don’t get it over in Belgium). The second week was spent up in York where John is from to see some family. We stayed in the most amazing AirBNB with a beautiful kitchen. It was so lovely to be able to sit round a table and eat together.

The weather up north was absolutely shocking with torrential rain one day, but we still managed to have a lovely week. We went to the children’s museum Eureka in Halifax one day which the girls loved, and then John’s mum and sister took them out to a piglet farm on the Thursday which meant John and I had a whole day to ourselves! We went out for a tapas lunch, then wandered around the beautiful city of York before having a drink down by the river. None of us wanted to leave that beautiful house, and we will definitely be staying there again, miles better than a hotel.

Aimee went home after two weeks and as always it was very emotional. John went back to work and Molly and I have just been getting back to normal and doing our usual daily routines such as going to the park, shopping, soft play etc. She has some settling in sessions next week at her new nursery before she starts in September, and then we’ve got our long awaited holiday to Ibiza!!! We are definitely stretching this summer out as long as we can!

How has your summer been?

jb and moll



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