Sunday Afternoon Raving at Big Fish Little Fish

Sunday afternoons are pretty boring aren’t they? Cleaning the house, washing clothes, cooking dinner, and then the dreaded Sunday night feeling that inevitably hits around 7pm. This one however was anything but boring. It was spent in a club in the heart of Birmingham filled with children all dancing their little legs off to some quality old school drum & bass.

What I hear you ask? What is this madness?! Welcome to the world of Big Fish Little Fish, home of the family afternoon rave up.

I can imagine for some people the thought of a club filled with children is their worst nightmare. For the post-rave generation however, who are now pushing 40 with responsible careers and offspring of their own, these parties are an absolute god send.

It is a chance to enjoy a guilt free couple of hours in an actual club, with proper DJ’s, alcohol and good music, all while watching your kids have the time of their life. It beats soft play centres any day of the week.

The volume is set at a respectable level so as not to damage those little ear drums, and away from the music BFLF really do think of everything. There is a play doh table, a huge arts and crafts station, face painting, a chill out area for babies, transfer tattoos and a colouring mural. Each child is given a glo-stick upon entering, and there are glitter cannons, bubble machines and big bouncing balloons galore which add to the vibe on the dance floor. Every event has a different theme (this one was ‘Animal Fantastical’), so fancy dress is encouraged.

This is our fourth BFLF event, and there is a reason we keep coming back. Molly absolutely loves it, and, being an ex-raver myself, it fills with me with so much pride watching her dance to all my favourite tunes. Never in my wildest dreams would I ever have thought I’d be dancing to ‘Original Nuttah’ with my 3 year old daughter! The atmosphere is relaxed, everyone is there for a good time, and in all the times I’ve been I have never witnessed one child crying because they are bored or it’s been too loud or intense.

​The timing of it is perfect (their tag line is 2 – 4 hour party people), and it is just right. Those couple of hours fly by though! As much as the older kids enjoy it (it is targeted at children 8 and under), I think it is also perfect for babies. The lights, glitter, bubbles and of course the rhythm make for an ideal baby-sensory experience. The fabulous ‘hula-hoop lady’ (as Molly calls her) is an absolute delight as she dances with glow in the dark hula hoops…they get completely mesmerised. The babies I’ve seen there have all been smiling their little heads off and in absolute awe of the madness going on around them.

The highlight of the event is the parachute dance at the end. A huge white parachute is unleashed onto the dance floor for everyone to dance underneath – get your cameras ready, it makes for some amazing pictures! Take a look around while you’re there, you’ll see a mass of smiling, happy relaxed parents and kids, I can’t think of any other place I’ve been where this happens. This is where BFLF shines through, unique in every single way.

Molly would quite happily go to a rave every single week and never get bored. I’m instilling my love of music into her in the best possible way, and it is just so good for the soul isn’t it?! Raving was always about the music, and expressing that love through dancing with the people you care about. As BFLF state on their website “it’s a celebration of life, love and music”, and what better values to teach your children?

Find out where your nearest event is here.

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