Molly, you are three

A little memoir on my daughter’s third birthday…

Well baby girl, we’ve just got home after a fantastic weekend celebrating your third birthday. There was a time when I thought I wouldn’t be celebrating any, but, my little miracle, you arrived at just the right time after your dad and I made a wish on the full moon. They do come true after all.

What a joy and a privilege it is to watch you grow each day from a beautiful baby to a little girl, pigtails and all. I nearly cried the first time I put those in your hair. You constantly amaze me with how sharp and intelligent you are, I’ve never seen a kid complete jigsaw puzzles as fast as you, you even did a 16 piece one the other day all on your own! You’ve also started to write letters and numbers, and it won’t be long before you can write your own name.

I love hearing you speak. Your vocabulary is increasing day by day, and we can have proper conversations now, you understand everything. We still don’t know what accent you’ll have yet though…Birmingham, Yorkshire or Welsh? Or maybe a mix of all three? I hope so…stand out from the crowd kid, it’s the best way to be.

You love colouring, reading, playing with your dolls, playing shops, and making us cups of tea in your kitchen. Peppa Pig is still your favourite tv programme at the moment, along with Topsy & Tim, Justin’s House and Woolly & Tig. We go out every day, the park is your favourite place. You go on the big girl swings now! 

You are so friendly, saying hello to people and dogs alike on our daily outings. You are always happy, jumping and bouncing excitedly, calling me from your bedroom, “wake up mum, it’s morning”! Our day usually starts at 6am (you haven’t learned to lie in for a bit yet), and we come down to have breakfast before deciding what to do.

We go to Rhythm Time on Mondays. You’re in the pre-school class now which means I drop you off and you sit with your friends to sing songs and play instruments before picking you up again and going to Sainsbury’s for breakfast. On Wednesdays we go to Rockatots, which is the best playgroup around. You’ve got loads of friends there and love dancing with them to the songs from Frozen and jumping on the bouncy castle.

You’ve not long started to really watch and take notice of movies. So far your favourites are Annie, Mary Poppins and E.T. It’s so wonderful to be able to share with you the films I loved as a child, and watch your face light up in exactly the same way as mine did. I can’t wait for you to watch Neverending Story as it’s my favourite childhood movie ever, but you’re a bit too young at the moment.

You love your family, and they adore you. Even though we live quite some distance from them all, as soon as we go home to Wales it’s like we’ve never been apart. You love your cousins Tammia & Harley, and it’s so lovely to watch you all playing together now that you’re a bit older. You all had the time of your lives at Peppa Pig World this weekend! 

It was also Mother’s Day today, and we went out for a lovely meal with everyone. It’s one of many memories I will cherish forever as, again, I never thought I’d be opening a card addressed to ‘mummy’. How wonderful to be able to share this day with my own mum too, as well as my amazing sister. 

You’ll be going to nursery in a few weeks time for two full days, and, although we’re both ready and I know how much you’ll love it, I will miss you. The house will be so quiet. It means our time together is less, and you’re one step closer to going to school. 

You’re not a baby anymore, and although part of me is sad, it is an absolute pleasure to watch you turning into your own little person. Me and your dad are definitely doing something right, and we love you more than words could ever say. Happy birthday baby x



9 thoughts on “Molly, you are three

  1. Awwww what a lovely post. And lovely pictures too. Happy 3rd Birthday Molly. It sounds like you had a fantastic weekend. It actually brought a tear to my eye reading this because my Molly will be 3 in July and it reminded me that time is going way too fast.. They will be in school before we know it.. #familyfun

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  2. I haven’t planned anything yet but I have started thinking about it. Molly would love Peppa Pig World because she loves Peppa Pig and the Funfair. Its just s bit too far for us really. I might speak to the OH about making a holiday out of it though because shd would enjoy it. X

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  3. Oh she sounds just like my little girl, Zara also loves Woolley and Tig, Justin’s house and Topsy and Tim. She loves dancing too. She sounds adorable and how clever to be writing letters! Here’s to your special little lady. Thanks for joining us at #familyfun

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