Is it still January?

Ok so this is going to be a proper moan-fest of a post, and I have tried so hard to remain positive, but f**k me this month is dragging me down! 

I don’t know whether it’s the weather, the fact that I have had a cold and sinus infection for nearly 6 weeks, we’re a bit skint or just the fact that it’s January (it’s all of these things), but I am feeling seriously down and fed up. Oh and Trump will be President today. Jesus, that is so depressing. 

I’m still exercising and eating well (I downed a super green juice yesterday in the hope that it would invigorate me – it didn’t), but what I really want to do is curl up in a ball, drink tea and eat chocolate. I am craving the stuff at the moment, more so than I have done in months. I suppose I just need that little bit of a sugar lift.

I hate feeling like this. Don’t get me wrong I’m not actually depressed, I’ve just got a serious case of the January blues – is that even a thing? Or have I read about it so much that my feelings are psychosomatic? Who knows, but I’m definitely not my normal, cheerful positive self. 

The worst thing about it is that I have absolutely zero motivation. Each morning I look out of the window and just see a grey, gloomy, wet day. It means that we can’t go out to the park or for walks, and I have to entertain my daughter at home all day. 

It’s been really hard work trying to muster up the enthusiasm to paint, bake or play games (sorry kid). I’d give anything for her to be in nursery for a couple of days at the moment (she doesn’t start until April), and now I feel guilty for thinking it. 

I’ve also had really bad writer’s block which has frustrated me even more. Not even meditation has made a difference this month. Sigh.

So I need a plan and some positive thoughts to get me out of the fog. I know it will pass eventually (hopefully when January finally fooks off), but it always makes me feel better writing it all down:

  • Looking at my weather app it looks like we’re in for a good few days of sunshine starting today – yay to some Vitamin D! Can’t wait to get out in it.
  • I’m doing well with my exercise/diet and have only got 9 pounds to go to reach my target weight (even with all the chocolate)
  • Molly is sleeping well at the moment so at least I’m getting a full 8 hours (watch me jinx that now)!
  • I’ve got plans in place for my business/blog so I know (kind of) which direction I’m headed 
  • It’s Molly’s birthday in March so I can start planning for that
  • She’ll be starting back at nursery before I know it
  • I can start looking for a part time job thus making some much needed cash
  • I’ll be having a night out in London soon for my best mate’s birthday 
  • January will be over in 11 days

Feeling slightly better now (I won’t be later at around 5pm…I might just boycott all news channels until it’s over).

To cheer me up I’m posting a picture of our holiday village in Ibiza…roll on September!!

5 thoughts on “Is it still January?

  1. Don’t be down Kerry! Check out that holiday picture!!! Seriously though, try to get out the house wrapped up warm/wellies whenever you can, it makes a world of difference. I can’t bear being in all day with my little people. Take care and eat ALL the chocolate. ☺️👊🏻

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  2. I’m sure it’s this god-awful weather making you crave those comfort foods. I’ve also been having more biscuits and tea than normal. If you want that bar of chocolate have it! Just remember everything in moderation. One bar of choc won’t make you gain weight just like one bowl of salad won’t make you lose weight… that’s what I tell myself so I’m balancing out my tea and biscuits with a bigger salad with each meal. 🙂

    Good luck with the 9lbs left – you will do it very soon and well done for knowing which direction you’re planning to take your blog into. It’s one of the hardest things to do! xx

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    1. I’ve just come to realise that January is a tough month and I always tend to over eat during it…I haven’t gone overboard though and have kept up with the exercise. Thanks for your comment, enjoy your tea & biscuits! X

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