Big Fish Little Fish, raving with a toddler!

I love clubbing and dancing. I am a semi-retired raver now that I have a little person to take care of, but oh how I miss it. I still get to go to the odd night out/festival with my mates, but they’re few and far between. The closest I get now is listening to Annie Mac (the coolest mum/DJ in the universe) on my IPod once the toddler is in bed. 

When I first found out about BFLF I was ecstatic…you mean to tell me I can have a proper rave-up even with my kid in tow? I’m there!

This was our 3rd BFLF event this year (I think we’re addicted), and as always it did not disappoint. In Birmingham they are held at the Rainbow, which is a proper old school spit ‘n’ sawdust kind of club, right in the heart of Digbeth. Just a stones throw away from the Custard Factory, the whole area is the creative quarter of Brum, filled with an array of independent shops, cafes, art galleries and the most amazing street art. We always have a wander around there as it is awesome to look at.

The party starts at 2pm (their tag line is 2-4 hour party people) and they have a different theme for each event. This time it was Christmas. Fancy dress is optional, but encouraged, and it was great to see so many people getting in the festive spirit. I opted for Christmas leggings and sparkly boots for Molly as they are functional and she can dance better in them! 

I was also able to donate some warm waterproof coats to the Syrian refugee children, as we had an email prior to the event asking for donations as they were collecting. Well done BFLF team, this was a fantastic idea, and I hope you had loads.

Walking into the venue after getting your free glow stick (kids only) is quite surreal. It is an actual club, with a DJ playing quality house music and an open bar, only it is also filled with children. 

My best friend Chris came with us this time (Molly’s godfather), and it took him a bit of time to process what was happening! He soon settled in after a pint though.

There is loads for the kids to do if they get bored of dancing. BFLF really do cover all bases. There is face painting, a huge arts & crafts table, a play doh table, a big mural on the wall for them to colour in, novelty tattoos, a soft play area (in the ‘chill out’ room), and also an area for babies. There’s a stall selling the most amazing cakes too!

The main attraction though is obviously the dance floor. The music is a heady mix of house and techno, with anthem after anthem rolled out at a very acceptable audible level to protect those little ears. 

They have a guest DJ at each event, and on Sunday it was Chad Jackson who was just superb! He dropped two of my favourite tunes back to back (Gat Decor’s Passion with Orbital’s Chime), and it was great to see a DJ using vinyl again (even did a bit of scratching!). 

I was so proud of Molly, she was throwing some pretty impressive shapes on the dance floor, and made some friends herself. 

At random intervals there were glitter cannons being let off, bubble machines, and big bouncing balloons. There’s also the ‘hula hoop lady’ as Molly calls her, who does some amazing tricks with her flashing hula hoops…the kids were mesmerised!

Towards the end they unveil a huge parachute that covers the majority of the dance floor which everyone dances under. 

The DJ played House Of Pain Jump Around and everyone went mental…happy laughing faces all round! Then there was a few Christmas songs played at the very end which was a lovely touch.

You can’t beat the atmosphere at a BFLF rave, everyone is there for a good time, and you can tell that all the parents are ex-ravers themselves. So they just get it. 

The organisers really get involved with the crowd, and take the time to talk to people and have a dance themselves. It’s the friendliest family event I’ve been to, I actually dropped some money out of my pocket unknowingly and a guy came up to me and handed it back! 

The timings are just right too, it finishes at 4.30pm which is perfect. None of the kids ever want to leave though which says something! They all get a little healthy snack on the way out too.

I really can’t recommend BFLF enough. It’s an amazing idea, family friendly, loads for the kids to do, plus you get to have a proper dance & a drink…what’s not to love? It’s really cheap too (£9 for adults, £6 for children)…book your tickets now, you will love it!


7 thoughts on “Big Fish Little Fish, raving with a toddler!

  1. omg as you say…what’s not to love? Sounds a great event and really gets you back in touch with being a real raver mixed with being a real mummy. Good price too, glad you had lots of fun:)



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  2. It sounds a fab event, with something for everyone. And let’s be honest anywhere that has such a family friendly atmosphere has to be a good thing doesn’t it? Thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo and looking forward to reading many more of your posts throughout 2017!

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