Christmas list for a 2 year old girl

The festive period is upon us again (I feel like I’ve only just put the decorations away from last year), the shops are packed full of crap, and I heard ‘Last Christmas’ for the first time on the radio yesterday. The big day is just over a month away, and there’s no way of getting away from it all now even if you wanted to.

I am definitely NOT the type of person who buys all their gifts in the January sales a year before, I don’t even think about Christmas until I see the cards in the shops, which, incidentally, seems to be getting earlier and earlier each year. After being bombarded by about 50 emails from various retail establishments this week about bloody Black Friday (shudder), I thought I may as well start thinking about Molly’s presents. 

She will be turning 3 in March, and this is the first year that she has really understood the concept of Santa. She gets excited every time we see anything Christmassy in the shops or on TV, we’ve watched Home Alone about 10 times, and we made a big fuss of sitting down and writing her a letter to the big man himself…

She’s got amazing handwriting hasn’t she?!

While I don’t want to go over the top and fill the living room full of presents, I think at this age that you can still get quite a lot for your money toy-wise. I’m sure as she grows up the gifts will become progressively fewer but more expensive. I sat down last night with a cuppa, my laptop and a credit card, and set about my Santa duties….

From top left – right:

  • Baby Born doll with accessories
  • Dressing up table
  • Double sided easel
  • Face paints
  • Picnic basket
  • Play Doh ice-cream shop
  • Rapunzel glow hair doll
  • Talking Sula
  • Disney Princess cash register

The majority of it I bought from Amazon (3 cheers for online shopping – yay), while a few items came from Argos. We’ve already got her a Silver Cross pram for her doll, and no doubt I’ll pick her up a few more stocking fillers from now until Christmas. Oh and I’m still on the look out for an Elsa dress in her size (it is on the list after all)! I’m pretty much done now though, and I know she’ll be over the moon when she rips open the wrapping paper on Christmas morning.

How are you all getting on with your Christmas shopping? What are your must-have items for the kids this year?

Run Jump Scrap!
My Petit Canard


22 thoughts on “Christmas list for a 2 year old girl

  1. My daughter turns 3 in January and I’ve got her a Doll and accessories and lots of Paw patrol bits as she is Paw patrol mad at the moment. My son is quite hard to buy for as he only plays with trains so I’ve got his some take n play stuff. I’m so relieved that I’ve finished my Christmas shopping early this year. I love being able to do it all online.

    (Unhinged mummy stopping by from #bestandworst).

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  2. We have a two year old daughter too, but it’s really hard because between her and her 5yo sister we seem to have loads of the good stuff already. First world problems I know. Think we will be getting a little went Elsa dress too – and she’d love that Sula (to go with our annoying Bing!)

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