Farewell daytime naps, I will miss you…

I knew it was coming. Over the last few months Molly has been having the odd day here & there where she wouldn’t nap. On the days that she would eventually fall asleep, the times were getting later and later, and it was taking me longer and longer to get her to nod off.

This basically involved me wrestling her into her car seat (she constantly wants to sit in the driver’s seat, and doesn’t understand why she can’t), drowning out the ensuing tantrum by putting the radio on, and driving round and round until she passed out. 

She absolutely will not fall asleep in the day anywhere other than the car (trust me, I’ve tried). I put her in her bedroom once with the baby gate closed and she screamed that much for so long that I was worried the neighbours were going to call Social Services.

Now I didn’t mind doing this in the days where she would fall asleep within 10 minutes, but it’s now got to the point where I actually drove round for nearly an hour and a half the other day, desperate for a wee, and ended up using all the diesel. She was laughing at me from her car seat, singing and happily eating her bogies, so far from tired it looked like she had had 8 coffees…at which point I gave up.

The last 4 days have been like that. I’m desperately trying to cling onto the hope that this is just a phase, another bloody sleep regression (the horror), as she is only 2 and a half, and all the ‘experts’ say that she should be napping right up until she starts school. But after a 2 hour swimming session on Saturday followed by a run around in the park afterwards, and she still didn’t sleep on the way home, I knew it was the end. I started writing this eulogy in my head whilst crying silent tears.

I am a stay at home mum with absolutely no help from family (it’s not their fault, I live miles away from them), my partner works 6 days a week, and we can’t afford to put her into nursery. 

So Molly and I are pretty much together every single day, which is amazing, but it is also relentless. Those 1 – 2 hours off in the afternoon were just absolute bliss. I could actually sit down, most of the time in complete silence, go on my phone, drink tea without worrying if I was going to scald her, maybe watch something on TV other than f***ing Topsy and Tim, or occasionally have a little nap myself…heaven!

img_1486Memories light the corners of my mind…

What the hell do I do now? How do I fill another 2 hours of our day? 2 hours in toddler world is like a week! I’m already running out of ideas that don’t cost money and are stimulating/interesting. 

I’ve started to put movies on now in the afternoon, getting her little blanket and some milk and cuddling her on the sofa, hoping she might just nod off, but she has the attention span of a goldfish. 

What’s worse now is that the weather is changing so we’re not going to be able to spend every day outside. The thought of trying to keep her occupied for an entire day at home just fills me with dread. And the mess…oh the mess!

But alas, there’s not much I can do. I can either keep driving round with her for an hour each day, wasting fuel and getting earache from her tantrumming, or I can just accept my fate. It was bound to happen eventually, and at least now I don’t have to plan my day around her nap time. I’m just going to have to up my arts & crafts game. 

As Ross says in an episode of Friends…“I’ve been given the gift of time “! Now what am I going to do with it? Pinterest here I come….!



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25 thoughts on “Farewell daytime naps, I will miss you…

  1. #EatSleepBlogRT I work full time and still missed the naps when they left. We were lucky that on a recently holiday (due to heat/time change) he napped and it was like revisiting fucking Narnia! I feel your pain…may be count down until her free child care hours kick in. Plus she’ll prob go down slightly earlier in the Pm (but then so will you) haha x

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    1. It’s not that bad after you get over the initial shock! I don’t have to plan my day now around her nap or get into a panic if she missed it. Plus I’ve got my evenings back as she goes to bed earlier!

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  2. I was lucky in that my little man napped until about April this year. He is four in December. But it happened like you. It got later and later and bedtimes became horrendous – sometimes 9.30!! If it’s any consolation, you do get used to it. I never thought I would. But you do. Good luck! #twinklytuesday

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  3. My little man is 2 and I know he can go a day without a nap if we really needed to go out for the whole day but he definitely isn’t ready to drop it yet. Good luck with filling the gap of time….I know I am definitely apprehensive about it #bestandworst

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  4. I’ve just been reading this with anxiety in my tummy and screaming in my head “HOW OLD IS SHE, HOW OLD IS SHE”. Thankfully 2 1/2 years old. I’m hoping Henry takes to dropping his nap as he has to his walking (17 months and finally taking steps) and waits until he’s 10. Renee @peonieandme #bestandworst

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  5. Errr yep it sucks! Alfie, my 1st dropped his naps by about 18 months. My 2nd is nearly 18 months and still naps really well which I encourage! It is sooo tought when they drop it though so big hugs. Thanks for linking up, hope you’ll stop by again #bestandworst


  6. We’re on the verge of this too. Our almost three year old will not nap for us anymore. The four days she is with the childminder she naps like a baby but for us… nope nada zilch! I’m getting used to it but do miss the down time. Suppose it couldn’t last forever #bloggerclubuk

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  7. Our first daughter dropped naps super early but I was kind of relieved in the end, after months of walking her round the block in the buggy to get her to sleep! My advice is try to seize the positives…no more being bound by a grumpy tot needing a sleep – the world is your oyster! Join groups you didn’t normally do, and throw caution to the wind and go out all day. It’s a tough one, but you’ll soon adapt. (Says me dreading the day Dangermouse stops her naps!). Thanks for linking to #coolmumclub xx

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  8. Well I’m a stay at home dad and remember the times both kids napped. I hate to say it, but whichever parenting books you’ve been reading are flawed. I’ve never know any kid sleep until they start school! Two and a half is maybe a little early, but it’s not an outrageous age for a kid to drop their nap. I really don’t know what to suggest but best iof luck with your predicament. #BinkyLinky

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  9. For me the great thing about no naps means that she goes to bed earlier and with less fuss – I dont have to sit with her for an hour whilst she falls asleep, she goes to sleep much quicker cos shes so tired! Im at work tho, so I can see how its harder if youre at home. #ablogginggoodtime

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