No time to panic

Sorry for the lack of blog posts lately, but I have been one busy mama!

I have just set up my own business in between taking care of a feisty 2 year old full time…and yes it is as stressful as it sounds…

I have wanted to work for myself for years, but never had the confidence or the determination to do it. Since becoming a mum though this has completely changed (another amazing gift motherhood has given me). 

Molly has been the main reason for doing this, as I needed something that fitted around her. Although I enjoy being a stay at home mum, I needed to do something…I have never been without a job since I was 15 and I felt like my brain cells were slowly dying (there’s only so much Cbeebies one person can take)! 

Also as an anxiety sufferer I try to keep busy, as we all know what happens when we have too much time on our hands.

Me being me though, I don’t do things by halves 😬…Not only have I been setting the business up entirely on my own in the evenings after the baby has gone to bed, but I have managed to do it 1 WEEK before we go away on our first proper family holiday abroad. 

During this time 4 close family members (including my partner) have had birthdays, all 3 of us have been ill, and I also managed to fall down the stairs leaving some pretty impressive bruises, and completely smashing my new IPhone up into pieces 😩.

A lovely week in Majorca was exactly what I needed….although you can only relax so much with a 2 year old and an overactive brain that panics over every little thing.

Turns out anxiety, like that elusive little black dog, follows you everywhere, including that gorgeous 5* hotel in the Balearics. What a bitch. (Holiday blog to follow)!



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